SUNDAY SCHOOL:  9:30 AM   |   WORSHIP:  10:45 AM

Our Sunday morning Bible Studies and Messages are an attempt to connect what God says in His Word with the issues you are facing in your life.  Every week we come into the service with questions, opportunities and challenges in hope of hearing from God in a relevant and practical way.  

It is our prayer that these times will inspire and motivate you to have a personal relationship with Jesus, align your life with God's Word and experience the thrill and adventure of following Jesus daily.


Jesus says to PRAY.  Jesus says to be NICE.  Jesus says to get up early and read your BIBLE.  Jesus says go to CHURCH.  

Jesus says NOT to look over there.  A lot of people think Christianity is all about doing what Jesus and other people tell them to do.  But what if Jesus didn't have a checklist of things for you to do or not to do?  What if His expectations could be expressed in a simple invitation of just one word?  FOLLOW.

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